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PORA members and residents please reach out to your friends and neighbors to let them know how important this issue is to the community. Your wastewater rates will be impacted significantly if we don’t take action. Please spread the word! Sign the petition by following the link below or visit the PORA Office!

PORA Office is open Mon.-Thur. 9am-3pm / Fri. 9am-1pm

Wastewater Rates – Signatures Due by October 5, 2023 at 3:00pm MST

PORA members, Sun City West residents & Corte Bella Residents! Your assistance is needed immediately in assisting PORA in resisting a substantial wastewater rate increase in a case brought by EPCOR, and to be determined by the Arizona Corporation Commission. Commencing Tuesday, 26 September 2023, I ask you to stop by PORA to sign a petition, email your response or click the link below and enter your information which will be submitted to the Commission. It argues the following:

  1. Sun City West residents are retired and live on fixed incomes.
  2. Sun City West residents do not live in the immediate geographical locus of development that drives EPCOR’s wish for a wastewater rate increase.
  3. Sun City West argues that a three-tier system of rates are fair, equitable, and place the preponderance of the rates on the prime COST CAUSERS, to wit: Commercial and Industrial enterprises, rather than Residential.

The three-tier system would be assessed as follows; Commercial, Industrial, and Residential, in that descending order.

For further information, contact Bud Meador, Government Relations Chair, PORA, at 913-207-6149.

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