PORA Education ProgramWelcome Back to PORA!

P.E.P. or the PORA Education Program is a dynamic learning environment that provides a variety of classes and tours for ongoing learning.  The curriculum spans social and cultural topics.  This education program benefits the whole community and offers an amazing catalog of classes.  These sessions occur on the PORA campus and they are a great way to glean knowledge on topics you might not have considered.

PORA also offers FREE Seminars to those residents interested in learning and engaging in discussions for a variety of subjects. Seminars allow the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals with similar interests. P.E.P. will continue to add to our calendar of classed and seminars. Check our calendar for the most up to date information.

Our Amazing Instructors

Ed Madden is retired Network Engineer Poly One Corp.  Ed is a U.S. Army Veteran, married to Ester and lives in Sun City West.  Ed serves the community as a member of the SCW Posse and SCW Prides.    Additional Information: CUTTING THE CORD COURSE OUTLINE Equipment and Services needed for successful cord cutting. Say goodbye to your cable subscriptions and bundles. What do you really watch?  What you really need from them? Instead, customize your TV experience and save money.

Paul Horvick’s classes are limited to 8 each session and we typically sell out.  This class will be offered in the Conference Room with plenty of room for social distancing.  Further, Paul has always practiced sanitizing the tools used and shared by attendees between each use and will continue to do so.  He personally cannot wear a mask but is fine with students wearing masks. Even though we will be running a concurrent art class (same day and time), classes will be at opposite ends of the hall.  Art will meet in Camino 3 and/or 4 and enter the building through the end hall door.  Handguns will meet in the Conference Room and enter through the main entrance.

How to Register for Classes

  • By Phone

    Contact PORA 623-398-7879.

Policies & Procedures

PORA Membership 

Membership is open to anyone (not just Sun City West residents) for $15/single or $25 household annually.

Cancellation Policy

PORA is committed to not cancel classes. When circumstances prevent a class from meeting students will be notified via phone or e-mail as time permits.

No Refunds

No credit or refund will be granted after the start of a class.  Refunds may be granted only for extenuating circumstances at the discretion of PORA.  Should a credit be extended it must be used within one year of issue and is not transferable to any other semester.