Recently at a Roads, Traffic and Safety committee meeting there was considerable discussion concerning the possible installation of license plate camera readers in Sun City West. Several questions were raised about these cameras that the committee was unable to answer. The Committee reached out to the camera company, Flock Safety. He will address concerns at a special meeting at PORA on Wed. August 11 at 1:30pm. All residents are welcome to attend.

Some concerns that will be addressed are:

1) What are these cameras?
2) Who is requesting these cameras?
3) What is reason for installing these cameras?
4) Where will cameras be installed?
5) What type of pictures are these? Full car pictures with driver visible, just car or just license plates?
6) Who can access these pictures and for what purpose?
7) How long will pictures be kept on file?
8) Who pays for these cameras and the monitoring?
9) Security – Can these files be hacked by outsiders?