PPORA Education Programora Town Hall Events

Each month, PORA will be hosting a FREE public event on a topic of interest.


Each event will follow the same timeline:
Join us for coffee and donuts at 9:00 – 9:30
Meet our panel of Experts  9:30 – 10:00
Break Out Sessions with each expert 10:00 – 12

While free, seating is limited so registration for attendance is required.  Please call PORA to register. 623-584-4288.  Join us and meet SCW experts to discuss the newest information about:

Gardening And Landscaping – September 13
Citrus Trees – fertilizing, trimming, best AZ varieties, watering
Container Gardening – air pruning , self-watering, bottle kitchen gardens, gutter gardens
Container Gardening – air pruning , self-watering, bottle kitchen gardens, gutter gardens
Fruit Orchards, best AZ root stock and varieties,fertilizing and pest care, proper planting and care
Irrigation – expert advice on zones, timers, schedules, what to ask when hiring landscapers
Artificial Turf – dog runs, patios, extended yards, cost, types, bidding for success, hiring a contractor
Butterflies and Bees – planting for pollinators


Senior Finances – October 18
Reverse Mortgage
Wills and Trusts
Investing in Retirement
AZ Tax Law Changes
Extended Health Care – Costs and Planning


Construction And Renovation – November 15
When do I need to submit for county permits?
How can I accurately describe changes, textures, and colors?
Is there a way for me to “see” or “walk thru” my ideas like they do on HGTV, then share with a contractor for an accurate estimate?
When should I hire a professional designer?
Secrets and project helps only a reputable contractor will tell you!
Kitchens and baths – newest, best, affordable?
What do I need to know about contracts, contractors, and my rights?


Christmas Critters – December 13
Please Note: This event will have a registration cost of $25. We anticipate this event to be very popular and fill quickly.

The AZ Herpetological Society will share all about reptile critters found in SCW yards: toads, snakes, lizards.  When should we be cautious?  Is it possible to snake-proof a yard?  Bring those grand kids to see actual critters! AZ Fish and Game will show and tell ALL about the other critters seen in and around SCW: coyotes, hares, rabbits, oh my.  Southwest Wildlife will share their awesome work at their Rio Verde Foothills rehabilitation center.  Join us to see their efforts to save, treat, and release animals back into the wild. AZ Raptors will share their efforts to keep our winged neighbors safe.  Putting rat poison out sounds like a simple solution to a big problem until our beautiful owls disappear.  Hear their story.  Meet the critters.