Since its inception in 1979, PORA, a quasi-municipality, has helped residents save money on taxes, developed and defended deed restrictions in court, helped protect water rights for every property owner and successfully reduced water and sewer rates.  To assure continuity of lifestyle, PORA led a drive in 1983 to obtain Senior Overlay Zoning for the community, expanding its benefits, circulating petitions and lobbying county officials.  The county approved the zoning in 1984.

PORA’s goal is to keep Sun City West a great place to live.  To achieve that goal, PORA has worked with the County Board of Supervisors to prohibit or modify development of several subdivisions within or near Sun City West.  It has also worked with the county and state to lower property assessments for Sun City West residents.

PORA has been instrumental in the formation of several organizations that now operate independently: Sun City West Foundation, Helping Hands, PRIDES.  Today, it remains committed to making Sun City West a preferred place to live and continues to work together with area agencies to bring a solid voice of advocacy the community.

Please download the comprehensive history brochure here.

  • 1979-1981

    Tax Reduction

    PORA was successful in seceding from Dysart School District, resulting in no school tax in original area and reducing tax by $475 per $100,000 home value

  • 1980


    Started Bingo games for community, which provides $12,000 annually to charitable organizations


  • 1980

    Prevented Rec Dues Increase

    Prevented the Recreation dues increase proposed by Del Webb Corporation

  • 1981

    Stopped Used Car Lot

    Stopped proposed “Used Car Lot” in Sundome Plaza area


  • 1982

    Sun City West on Map

    Successfully worked with State Department of Transportation to include Sun City West on State Map

  • 1983

    Age Overlay

    Convinced supervisors to approved Age Overlay for Sun City West


  • 1983

    Time Share Units

    Stopped Del Webb from advancing “Time Share Units”.  Pressed Del Webb to repurchase forty-eight units

  • 1984

    RV & Trailer Parking Lot

    Prevented 4,000 unit RV and trailer parking lot to preserve home appearances in Sun City West


  • 1985-1995

    Post Office

    Presented 11,000 signatures to officials in Washington, DC to prompt installation of a post office in Sun City West

  • 1987

    3.6 Acres of land

    Convinced DEVCO to donate to PORA 3.6 acres of land for Foundation building and first permanent quarters for Posse


  • 1996

    Visitors Center

    Added Visitors enter to the PORA building, 12,000 annual visitors to promote Sun City West

  • 1997

    Deer Valley Road to Loop 303

    Stopped Deer Valley Road west connection to proposed Loop 303


  • 1997

    Time Shares

    Stopped Scottsdale firm from acquiring Crestview for 60 room hotel and 58 time shares

  • 1997-2010

    El Mirage Road

    Worked on El Mirage Road revision, pushed it 600 feet east versus widening the current lane


  • 1998

    SCW Coalition

    Partnered with Sun City West Coalition in stopping Continental Homes plan for high density, low income housing in area now called Corte Bella.  Coalition gathered 12,000 petition signatures while PORA worked with Supervisor Brewer on density level, which Continental Homes rejected

  • 1998

    Opposed Chemical Plant

    Successfully opposed construction of chemical plant southwest of Sun City West for fear of fumes


  • 1999

    Walgreens Relocation

    Joined the chorus against Walgreens Drug Store relocation at 151st & Deer Valley

  • 2000

    Construction Renegotiation

    Convinced Del Webb to renegotiate construction at Corte Bella


  • 2002-2004

    Central Project Arizona

    Won court initiative to use CAP (Central Arizona Project) water on golf courses preventing subsidence

  • 2009-2013

    Utility Rates

    Fought utility rate increases and beat consolidated rates.  Members testified before legislature


  • 2009-2013

    Lobbied Legislature

    Lobbied legislature to stop parking infringement for six consecutive years and other bills unhealthy for Sun City West

  • 2012

    Phase 1 Construction

    Construction of Phase 1 of $850,000 noise wall, north of expansion area


  • 2012

    New Routing

    Stopped Deer Valey east connection to Peoria with new routing diagonal from Peoria to Williams Road east of Corte Bella

  • 2013

    Highway Signage

    Proposed highway signage for Sun City West at intersection of El Mirage and Bell


  • 2013

    Board Member Selection

    Promoted the selection of Board member, Merlyn Carlson, to the Maricopa County Transportation Advisory Board

  • 2013

    Pedestrian Light Crossings

    Lobbied successfully for three new pedestrian light crossings and one new traffic light.  Two installations were by hospital entrance


  • 2013


    Won the solar battle on a 3/2 vote that will preserve the invested value of a solar user, whether or not they sell their home, while modestly adjusting infrastructure costs on new solar installations

  • 2013

    Farmers Market

    PORA began the Farmers Market, at Executive Director’s request, on PORA premises to accommodate Sun City West residents for a unique shopping opportunity, especially for fresh fruits and vegetables as well as novelties


  • 2013

    Noise Wall

    Proposal of 100% completion of noise wall

  • 2013

    53 Acre Development

    Protected residents from undesirable development of 53 acres northwest of Sun City West by arranging numerous meetings with the Recreation Centers Governing Board Officers, County Supervisor Hickman and county officials.  Will follow Supervisor Hickman’s plan to pull property off auction and get it rezoned compatiable with Sun City West


  • 2014

    Posse Insurance Coverage

    Contacted and supported Supervisor Hickman’s effort to overcome glitch in Posse insurance coverage which shut down their patrol operations and activation of the 175 person Posse.  As the largest Posse in the Sheriff’s operation, it was fortunate that Supervisor Hickman was able to resolve our concern

  • 2014-2019

    Government Relations

    Developed strong relationships with state local and Federal governments


  • 2017-2019

    Utility Rate Cases

    Intervened and advocated in three utility rate cases.  Continued to build relationships with APS and EPCOR (ACC)

  • 2018

    Posse and MCSO

    Supported Sun City West Posse in their efforts to maintain its status with MCSO