PORA Logo SmallYou’ve seen the building and wondered what is PORA?

PORA is an acronym for Property Owners Residents Association. Now, you’re thinking what do they do? PORA is one of the leading support organization for Sun City West residents. We are NOT a regulatory or enforcement agency. We are the opposite; we are here to help you. We advocate local issues and present them to the state government. We also educate with custom classes and lastly, we support the community by providing information, services and assistance.

Sun City West is an unincorporated community in the West Valley, AZ.  PORA is the quasi-governmental entity that advocates and intervenes on behalf the community.  PORA (Property Owners and Residents Association) is poised and ready to support the community with a wide scope of critical issues.  We are committed to fostering good relationships with local, state and federal governments and being the voice of impact.  We are dedicated to working with other community entities to support Sun City West.
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History of PORA

PORA Bylaws 2020

Membership is essential in sustaining our present self-government status and for the continuation of PORA’s beneficial programs.  Members have access to vendor referral services upon request and members also receive complimentary Notary services.  A one-year membership to PORA for an individual is $15 and a household is $25.  You can enroll in membership at the PORA office.

The PORA Education Program is a dynamic learning program offering classes in a variety of areas including: art, music travel, history, technology and more.  PORA instructors are experienced and possess unique knowledge.  Catalogs are available throughout Sun City West and PORA offices.  An online catalog is available at porascw.org.  Special tours are offered as part of the program and vary each semester.  PORA offers large classrooms for learning with state-of-the-art technology and Wi-Fi.

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What is the difference between the Rec Center and PORA?

The Recreation Centers and PORA are separate organizations with uniquely individual functions.  Although the two often work together on common community interests, they each maintain separate Board of Directors and staff.  PORA’s main function is advocacy, whereas the Recreation Centers concentrate on events and social functions.  Although PORA had historically maintained an office for CC&Rs, that office is now housed at the Recreation Center.

Questions about CC&Rs should be addressed to that office at 623-544-6661.