About PORA

About PORA

What is PORA?

PORA (Sun City West Property Owners and Residents Association) is a non-profit organization serving the interests of the unincorporated community of Sun City West. All membership and business service fees support PORA’s efforts in being the Voice for Good Government in Sun City West.
PORA maintains offices for the the PORA OASIS Education Program, Sun City West Visitors Center and satellite offices for the Arizona State Attorney General , U.S. Congressional Representative and County Tax Assessor.
PORA’s Board of Directors serve voluntarily, and look after the interests of Sun City West by working with state, county, and local authorities on issues impacting the community.

Government Relations:
PORA is committed to fostering good relationships with local state and Federal governments.

The priorities of the Government Relations Committee are:

-Develop a consistent, working relationship with the County
Supervisor (Hickman)
-Meet with SCHOA Leadership about issues of mutual
-Develop an ongoing conversation/relationship with school
-Grow the relationship with legislators pre-session.

-Create and implement a liaison relationship with Fire and
Medical Authority.
-Maintain relationship with RUCO (Resident Utility Consumer
-Particiupate meetings with utility company leadership
-Continue to develop a relationship with City of Surprise
-Create a liaison relationship with Congressional delegation.