PORA has several committees that help in the flow of information and policy making. Committees are often staffed by PORA Board members, representatives from the community, county and sometimes state.  The following committees meet monthly or quarterly.  If interested in joining a committee, please contact the PORA office at 623-584-4288. or email us.

Government Relations Committee

As the Property Owners and Residents Association (PORA), we are the primary liaison between our unincorporated community, Maricopa County, the City of Surprise and other municipalities, the State of Arizona, and our federal government.  The Government Relations Committee is committed to fostering good relationships with local state and federal governments. The Committee stands ready as the voice of impact. We are dedicated to working with other community entities to support Sun City West to provide a foundation of advocacy. PORA acts as a main intervenor in all utility rate proceedings before the Arizona Corporations Commissions (ACC).

 More information about government relations can be found here.  
A resource with local legislators can be found here.

New members are always welcome and should contact the Chairperson or PORA for more details.

Meeting Schedule

Next meeting: TBD

Time:                   TBD

Location:          PORA

Contact Info

Chairman: Bud Meador

Email:          budmeador@gmail.com

Phone:         623-584-4288

Water Committee

May 21, 2024

Meeting Schedule

Next meeting:  Occurs the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  (No meetings in July or August)

Time:            9:30am

Location:          PORA Office

Landing Page for the PORA Water Committee – Click here

May 21, 2024 Water Committee Updated Powerpoint (please scroll down when you get to the presentation)

PORA’s Water Committee, chaired by a Board Director includes representatives from EPCOR, the OHOA, the Central Arizona Project, the Rec. Centers of SCW and Briarwood Country Club.  The committee meets monthly to report and discuss conservation efforts, changes in service and maintenance, irrigation on golf courses, billing issues, etc.  The PORA Water Committee has become a de facto Sun City West water authority, providing a liaison to the water utility for our residents and monitoring of the increasing concerns over county and state water issues.

When the well is dry, we know the worth of water.
Poor Richard’s Almanac ~ Benjamin Franklin

Meeting Schedule

Next meeting:  May 21, 2024

Time:            9:30 AM

Location:          PORA Conference Room

Contact Info

Chairman: David Hunter

Email: editor@porascw.org

Phone: 623-584-4288

Roads, Traffic & Safety Committee

The Traffic and Safety Committee currently  meets quarterly (2019-2020) and is open to the public.  Members of the committee include Sun City West residents, representatives from the Maricopa County Dept. of Transportation (MCDOT) and Sun City West Posse.  Traffic and safety improvements and updates are generally presented during each meeting and there is time allotted for residents to present an issue or concern.

Meeting Schedule

Next meeting:  Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Time:                 1:30pm

Location:          PORA Conference Room

Meetings are held in September, November, January, March and May.

Contact Info

Chairman:  John Quinn

Email:         editor@porascw.org

Phone:        623-584-4288

Sun Cities Transit Committee

This PORA Committee educates stakeholders about the need and opportunities for affordable and accessible public transit in the Sun City (SC) and Sun City West (SCW) jurisdictions. The Committee is comprised of residents from both Sun Cities as well as the Executive Directors and staff members of North West Valley Connect and Sun City Community Assistance Network agencies. Board Directors from PORA & the Sun City Homeowners Association (SCHOA) are Committee members as well.

New members are always welcome. However, the Sun Cities Transit Committee recommends that prospective members review the minutes prior to attending so they can contribute more effectively in the Committee’s educational strategies.

Transit Committee Meeting Minutes


Meeting Schedule

Meeting Date & Time: TBA

Location: TBA

Contact Info

Chairman: Kate King

Email: editor@porascw.org

Phone:         623-584-4288