Maricopa County

Many residents enjoy municipal curbside trash and recycling pickup that takes away these items. However, Maricopa County Transfer Station Field Supervisor Stephen Hall explains, “For residents that don’t have such a service or for items that are not supposed to be placed in curbside bins, Maricopa County’s Waste Disposal and Recycle Centers can offer solutions.”

The County’s centers accept electronics, oil, antifreeze, tires, and some appliances and furniture in addition to more traditional household waste such as aluminum, tin, glass, paper, and plastics.

Fees range from $4 to $12 per vehicle of household trash and some items can be dropped off free of change.

PORA accepts used cell phone donations as well as used eyeglasses.  Donation boxes for each can be found in the Sun City West Visitors Center.  PORA works with partnering agencies to recycle or repurpose these items.

Parks & Sons

Parks & Sons offers a curbside recycling program in Sun City West and surrounding areas.

Recycling grows each year in America.  In 2006, Americans recycled almost one third of their total trash. However, for our children’s and grandchildren’s sake, we can and must do better.

Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to keep a light bulb lit for 12 hours or one television for 3 hours!