Grand Theft Golf Cart

Sun City WestWhile the title above is humorous, PORA realize that cart theft is a serious matter. Here are a few tips that will help keep your property safe. If you have any questions, call or visit any of our local Cart Vendors.

• SECURELY STORE YOUR CART: If you cannot store your cart indoors, at least put a golf cart cover over top of it.
• INSTALL A UNIQUE KEY: Golf carts come from each manufacturer with a universal key. This makes them incredibly easy to run off your vehicle. Consider changing the factory key cylinder switch and installing a unique key instead.
• HIDDEN KILL SWITCH: When the kill switch is engaged, the cart won’t start, even if they’re trying to hot wire the cart.
• LOCKING MECHANISM: Adding a steering wheel lock or pedal lock can deter thieves simply because of the additional time and effort. Here are a few that are sold on Amazon.
• INSTALL A GPS: A hidden GPS devise will help local law enforcement officials quickly track down your cart.

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