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We are your communityWhat is PORA?

PORA is an acronym for Property Owners Residents Association. Now, you’re thinking, “What do they do?” PORA is the leading support group for Sun City West residents. We are NOT a regulation, enforcement entity. We are the opposite; we are here to help you. We advocate local issues to the state government. We educate with custom classes and lastly, we support the community by providing information, services and assistance.

As Arizona wakes from its COVID slumber, many are realizing life has changed. Therefore, PORA will spend the rest of the year focusing on our community. Sun City West and its resident will need help acclimating back into life. We believe building a community begins with its individual members. So PORA will build our community by forming a strong foundation. We will do this by talking, listening, educating, and serving Sun City West. PORA will affect change and lead the way in 2022!

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Roads, Traffic & Safety Committee Meeting

Roads, Traffic & Safety Meeting, Wednesday, 5-24

del Sol Gallery First Friday Event

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Redistricting Updates

Redistricting Updates

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