PORA has 400+ Vendor Partners who represent 125 business and professional categories.

PORA has long been invested in providing referrals to our members.  When a vendor signs on to participate in the program, PORA will verify and evaluate reputation and business history with organizations including The Arizona Registrar of Contracts (ROC), the AZ Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau.
PORA does not recommend, endorse or warranty vendors.
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One of the unique features of PORA is receiving unlimited referrals from our Vendor Services database of 500+ vendors and contractors in more than 150 professional categories. Members can call, email or stop by the office for information about licensed and bonded plumbers, handymen, landscape professionals, painters, lawyers, and more.

Once the kind of work that is needed is determined, you will be asked if you want the vendor to be licensed. We will then check our database and provide you with names and phone numbers of qualified service people. All our vendors have provided at least three references which we have evaluated to ensure the vendor is qualified.

The names we provide are referrals, not recommendations, as we cannot guarantee their work. However, should a company not perform to your satisfaction, you may come in and fill out a complaint form, sign it, and we will attempt to intercede on your behalf. It takes only a call from us to correct most situations. We cannot guarantee full resolution , but will assist in every way possible.

PORA neither endorses, guarantees nor warrants the services and products provided by the companies/vendors listed as Business and Professional Supporter Web Advertisers. Additionally, the companies and individuals listed are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed to remain on the website.


The process for becoming a vendor at PORA requires meeting with the Marketing staff, completing the necessary paperwork and providing 3 referrals.  There are different levels of involvement for vendors which include trade expos, web site listing, advertising in enews, catalogs and web-based print ads, event sponsorship opportunities and social media recognition.

The marketing staff will present various pricing options.  Vendors may also take advantage of PORA’s many classrooms to organize a Lunch and Learn or similar workshop.   PORA vendors are highly respected in the community and are involved in many facets of PORA’s day to day operation and communication.  If you are interested in becoming a PORA vendor, please contact Tracy McGuire 623-584-4288 X 414 or email marketing@porascw.org

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*** Business and Professional Supporter Web Advertisers are neither endorsed nor approved by PORA ***