PORA Roads, Traffic and Safety Meeting
March 22, 2023 – 1:30 PM
PORA Conference Room

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Introduction and Welcome

3. Current Update
A. MCSO – Deputy Michael Redman
B. MCDOT – Todd Peters, Customer Relations Officer
C. SCW Posse – John Merkel
D. Arizona Fire & Medical – Eric Kriwer,
E. SCW Prides – Ron Rada
F. SCW Cyclists – Jeff Bodmer
G. Maricopa County – Ombudsman Andy Litton
4. Old Business
A. Motorists disregarding Traffic Laws getting worse, i.e. not using turn signals, running red lights, EXCESSIVE speeds. Resident suggestion for using traffic striping and speed humps/bumps. McDOT confirms that they will not install speed bumps in SCW.
B. Firehouse 102, Engines and Ambulances responding to alarms off of Stardust, set the green lights for Stardust, autos on RH Johnson running red lights on continuing basis.
C. Ongoing internet construction, plates in roadway, barriers and general impediments to traffic flow.
D. Stop Light installation on Meeker and Echo Mesa scheduled for 2023. Construction to commence early March.
E. New sign at Lord of Life Church, very bright and distracting to drivers at night. Church officials to work with installers to reduce brightness. Lights have been dimmed.

5. New Business
A. McDOT construction projects, ADA sidewalk improvements.
1. Meeker & Granite Valley, March-Summer 2023
2. Various locations in Sun City West, March-April 2023
B. Potholes on various roads.
C. Any additional Stop Light or Stop Sign installation scheduled?
D. Timing S/L, Deer Valley at 135th Ave. Golf Carts given to much time to go thru and cars running red lights off of 135th because of this excessive time. S/L on Meeker at Camino del Sol, lights set for long green on Meeker causing traffic to back up on Camino del Sol.

6. Next Meeting, May 24, 2023.

7. Adjournment

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