PORA Roads, Traffic and Safety Meeting
August 30, 2023 – 1:30 PM
PORA Conference Room

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Introduction and Welcome
3. Current Update
A. MCSO – Deputy Michael Redman
B. MCDOT – Bill Leal MCDOT Public Information Officer
C. SCW Posse – John Merkel
D. Arizona Fire & Medical – Tom O’Donohue (maybe Robert Olmstead in future)
E. SCW Prides – Ron Rada
F. SCW Cyclists – Jeff Bodmer
G. Maricopa County – Ombudsman Andy Litton
4. Old Business
A. Elder scams, email and phone, targeting seniors on rise. Information provided by MCSO Deputy Redman. Close.
B. Radar Camera to be placed in SCW. Close
C. Golf cart thefts. Decreasing??? Increasing???
D. Autonomous vehicles will start driving in SCW in near future, Waymo.
E. McDOT construction projects, ADA sidewalk improvements.
1. When is Wyerd supposed to be finished? Doing better cleaning up after job done?
2. Various locations in Sun City West, March-September 2023.
3. Request for left turn arrows off of RH Johnson Blvd. onto 128th Ave. Yellow arrow installed. Done, close.

5. New Business
A. Video cameras have been installed overlooking parking lot in front of RHJ membership office. 2 only? What about the various Rec Center lots where most of        thefts occur?
B. RHJ Westbound at 151st, resident wants right turn lane installed. Limousine Dr is .4 miles from intersection and then a right turn lane forces traffic down to         2  lanes.
C. Increased accidents occurring at intersections with no traffic control, i.e. stop signs/traffic lights. No traffic control does not mean “full speed ahead” or “let’s        play chicken” to see who has to stop first.
D. Are plans/programs in place for emergencies/responses for excessive heat, strong winds, floods, power outages. Things that may overwhelm first responders.

6. Next meeting, November 15, 2023.

7. Adjournment.

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