Opening Day for First Friday Gala’s at del Sol Gallery

Featuring Award Winning Artist Sandy Burke

By Peggy Sue Kruger



While many artists dabble in several similar mediums, Sandy Burke has taken the trend to a new level engaging in two genres that are as different as night and day.  The award-winning pastel artist took on the uncommon art form of designing and decorating gourds a few years ago. “I’m a pastel artist first and foremost,” admitted Burke. “But gourds are coming in a hard second.”

Her paintings are mostly of landscapes or animals; delicately blended to achieve the well-known look of soft pastel paintings. On the opposite end of the spectrum are her gourds–dramatic 3D masks with huge halos of turkey feathers, two feet high totems, and animal head figurines that evoke the Native art of the Pacific Northwest.  “Gourds allow me to expand on my interpretation of the Native art style in another new medium,” explained Burke.

The vibrant colors she chooses for patterns on the gourds are in such direct contrast with her soft pastel paintings that you are left wondering if the same artist creates them.  Having two homebases in areas that are greatly influenced by Native American culture-Sun City West, Arizona and near the Canadian border in Washington-determines what she works on during that time. “I work on gourds up north and pastels here in Arizona,” explained Burke.

Her pastel paintings evoke a calming gentleness.  Growing up on a farm in a small town in Eastern Washington, she often gravitates to animals as her muses for her paintings.  “I paint for myself and what interests me at that time,” Burke said.

The awards and sales made over the years is a nice recognition for her, but it is the process of making art that she thrives on… oh, and where her feet are planted at the time.


Sandy Burke is the featured artist for October at the del Sol Gallery’s opening season of Gallery Galas.


When and Where:

Friday, October 6th from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Del Sol Gallery

13815 West Camino del Sol

Sun City West, AZ  85375

Live Music and Refreshments

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