Below you will find various topics of Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:    What is considered a “hazardous waste” and what do I do with it, e.g., paint, old propane tank, etc.?

A:    Please go to Recycling. It has all the information you need on where to take everything.

Q:    What is the difference between the Rec Center and PORA?

A:   The Recreation Centers and PORA are separate organizations with uniquely individual functions.  Although the two often work together on common community interests, they each maintain separate Board of Directors and staff.  PORA’s main function is advocacy, whereas the Recreation Centers concentrate on events and social functions.  Although PORA had historically maintained an office for CC&Rs, that office is now housed at the Recreation Center.

Questions about CC&Rs should be addressed to that office at 623-544-6661.

Q:    Which governmental agencies does PORA interact with?

A:   PORA interacts with Maricopa County Department of Transporation (MCDOT), the Arizona Department of Transporation (ADOT), the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors as well as local, state and federal government officials and political leaders.  PORA remains the voice of impact and is always poised to work efficiently and quickly with government. PORA is also a key intervenor with APS and EPCOR.

Q:    Who do I call if I have question concern local, county, state or federal government?

A:  As the Property Owners and Residents Association (PORA), we are the primary liaison between our unincorporated community, Maricopa County, the City of Surprise and other municipalities, the State of Arizona, and our federal government.

PORA is committed to fostering good relationships with local state and federal governments.

More information on government representatives can be found here.

Q:    Who do I call if I have questions about plot plans (existing homes only)?

A: Please call PORA if you have an existing home and need a plot plan. 
New builds should contact their real estate agent or Maricopa County Planning and Development at 602-506-3301.

Q:    What is the OASIS Education Program?

A:   The PORA Education Program offers classes during the Spring, Summer, and Fall in the PORA building.
**This program is currently paused due to the pandemic.  Please check back for classes in the Spring of 2021.**

Q:    Who do I call if I have questions about PORA Membership?

A:  You can find more information about PORA’s membership here.

Q:    What if I have questions about safety? 

A:  PORA partners with local resources to help make our community aware of scams and unsafe issues in the community.  Residents should be aware of current scams and can read about them here.

SCW residents have additional law enforcement connections, including the SCW Posse and the Maricopa Sheriff’s Office.

Q:   How can I find out more about Support Agencies?

A:  You can find out more about Support Agencies here.

Q:    Who do I call if I have questions about tourism or want a tour of Sun City West?

A:  You can contact the Visitors Center.

Q:    How do I become a vendor? 

A:    Information about how to become a vendor can be found here.

Q:    Who do I call if I have questions about my utility and water rates?

A:  PORA is a main intervenor in APS Rate cases and EPCOR water issues and is in contact with the Arizona Corporation Commission activity.  Please email PORA with any specific questions at

What PORA does not assist with:

    • HOA issues or complaints
      • Contact CC&R Office at the Rec Center at 623-544-6661
    • Neighborhood complaints or issues (please use the number above)
    • SCW Clubs or advertising for Clubs
    • Deed or Title paperwork