The PORA Connection Policy

The PORA Connection Policy

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Newsletter Policy Statement

(Revised: September 2014)

PORA Mission: The Voice of the Community

The mission of the Property Owners and Residents Association (PORA) of Sun City West is to provide leadership and organization as the advocate for the residents of Sun City West with all levels of local cities, Maricopa County and the State of Arizona. In the performance of this duty, PORA is charged to do all things necessary to promote the health and well-being of the community for the residents of Sun City West. PORA shall promote the progress of the community, public services to and for the community, guard the community’s property values through diligent oversight, and shall promote and advance the community as an active adult residential area.

E-Newsletter Vision:

To provide the residents of Sun City West information about: the activities of PORA, non-profit offerings for their safety, health, well-being, and opportunities for active participation in the community.

Articles must be received by 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning to be published in that week?s E-newsletter. There may be early publication deadlines at holiday times, but date change notices will be published in the E-newsletter. (Also, an additional benefit is that the local news reporters read the Newsletter so this gives them a “heads up!”)

The PORA E-Newsletter is event focused, therefore, we do not publish recaps or reports of events that have already taken place.

NOTE: Publication content and duration is based on space available and will be at the discretion of PORA and may be edited. The decision about what to publish or not publish will be made by the Editor in consultation with the Executive Director and/or the Board of Directors.

Events must be secular and either open to the general public, or only SCW residents if required by Recreation Centers by-laws. Events of a specific religious denomination will not be published. To be posted, an event may be held in a house of worship, but cannot be religious in nature.

Political event postings will be limited to announcements for commonly recognized and active political parties. Notices for the following will not be eligible:

  1. Naming an individual candidate?s appearance.
  2. Political notices which embody subject matter that extends into a partisan position representation.

Commercial advertising or events designed to sell a product or service will not be published. (Advertising opportunities are available for a fee through the PORA Marketing Department.)

The event content must refer to a specific event and may be included one or more times in the Newsletter, typically two times immediately prior to the event date or reservation deadline. An example of what we would publish might be an open house or a special speaker. An example of what we will NOT publish would be the announcement of a recurring monthly meeting such as a club that meets the first Monday of every month.

News items should be two to five sentences, contain time/date/location information and should be included in the content of an email. If it’s not complete it cannot be published. Items for publication may be submitted as either a text file or simply included in the body of an email. Word documents will be accepted if they are not formatted too extensively. Photos are encouraged and should be in .jpg format. You must ensure that you have permission to publish the photo before submitting to PORA. PORA is not responsible for any fees or claims associated with publishing a submitted photo. NO “drop-offs” (hard copy) at PORA office. Send items or questions to:

Articles and titles submitted with ALL CAPS text will not be published. It is considered to be “flaming” or screaming and it creates a delivery problem for the newsletter (they are interpreted as Spam). It will be the responsibility of the submitter to retype the article to make it conform. PORA is not responsible for spelling or grammatical errors.