PORA in conjunction with the Recreations Centers of Sun City West (RCSCW) is responsible for the enforcement of the CC&R’s in Sun City West. As an unincorporated portion of Maricopa County, the CC&R’s play an integral part in maintaining the attractiveness and integrity of our community.

Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions

With over 130 different sets of CC&R’s in Sun City West, one of the first things we do after receiving a complaint is to research the correct regulations.

Our Department also responds to complaints made by community members thus we are a “reactive” service rather than “proactive” service. CC&R enforcement is limited to residential properties so it excludes commercial and RCSCW properties. Age-related issues remain the responsibility of the Rec Center’s, and any related complaints or questions should be directed to them.

CC&R personnel will do Plan Reviews to ensure you are aware of the easments and limitations of building modifications on your existing property. PORA members can receive a free plot plan of their property, non-members would pay a fee to receive a plot plan, but the Plan Review is free.

The following investigative guideline is used by the CC&R department:

The following handouts will help you understand some of the more common CC&R issues:

You can initiate a CC&R incident report by following the link below…note that we do not investigate anonymous complaints. However, we do NOT reveal the information about who has made a complaint. Make a CC&R complaint.

Smart consumers save money, time and aggravation by hiring the fairest, most qualified vendors to complete their home repairs. Call our Consumer Services Department(623-214-1646) for referrals of contractors or handymen.

Deed Restriction and Enforcement

Deed restrictions must be maintained. PORA monitors all activities and investigates possible violations. Residents should be familiar with their CC&R’s. All violations of CC&R’s are investigated after receiving a complaint by a Sun City West resident. The identity of any resident writing a complaint is kept strictly confidential. Our authority is limited to PRIVATE RESIDENCES and does not include commercial properties. We assist homeowner associations with enforcement when requested to do so by the association’s board.

Violations consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Parking of RV’s, trailers, trucks, campers and boats (more than 72 hours in any one month)
  • Poor landscape practices
  • Weeds
  • Others as indicated in the CC&R’s

If you have a question about a possible violation, please contact the investigator at the PORA office 623-584-4288 for more specific details.