The following information contains resources for public resident responses to the ACC EPCOR Water Consolidation Case.
More  history of this case can be found in archived enews.
Residents are encouraged to respond through one of the avenues listed below.
EPCOR Water Rate Case
How Residents Can Respond

The current EPCOR water rate case (Arizona Corporation Commission Docket WS-01303A-20-0177) is moving forward. Both PORA and SCHOA have intervened in the matter. On January 15, Mr. Bob Miller, Vice President of the PORA Board and PORA’s lead intervenor docketed pre-filed testimony on behalf of PORA. The major issue and concern of PORA is the potential of consolidating water districts, as the ACC did in an earlier wastewater case. PORA opposes a forced consolidation of water districts and urges that it be permitted to remain a stand-alone district. SCHOA takes the same position as it relates to Sun City. If EPCOR is permitted to consolidate water districts, as it seeks, it would result in a significant financial impact on water rate payers in Sun City West.

Of late, there is considerable communication activity from rate payers, primarily in the Anthem District, submitting opinions in favor of consolidation. Full consolidation would greatly benefit Anthem at the expense of the Sun City West District. PORA is encouraging rate payers to go on-line and voice their opposition to such consolidation. You can voice your opinion on the ACC feedback site here.

In addition, PORA also encourages rate payers to consider expressing their opinions via phone on Wednesday, February 17th from 6pm to 8:30pm and on Monday, March 22 from 10am to 1pm. The phone number to call is 866-705-2554, after dialing please enter code 241497# There will be a 3-minute time limit and they will not end the session until all callers have spoken. The live-stream of these meetings can be viewed at

PORA continues to believe that the principle of cost causation should be the basis for rates, and we remain firmly opposed to any forced consolidation of our District. Such forced consolidation in the current rate case scenarios would increase Sun City West rates by approximately 23% while decreasing rates in other districts. Rate payers in our communities need to be aware and participate in opposing such action.



From PORA’s Government Relations Committee
Case Highlights:

PORA continues to advocate on behalf of every home and condo owner in our community in matters of government affairs and utility rates.

-There is a rate case moving forward today at the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) regarding EPCOR water rates. There are several scenarios presented in this rate case, including the full consolidation of 11 Water Districts including the Sun City District. PORA has historically opposed and continues to oppose forced consolidation.

– Full consolidation would likely result in approximately a 23% increase in water rates in Sun City West.

– PORA has intervened in this rate case and has entered testimony in opposition of any consolidation which includes Sun City West District.

– PORA encourages every rate payer in our community to contact the ACC and voice opposition to any forced consolidation of our District. Consolidation would result in Sun City West effectively subsidizing the other districts despite the costs in our District not justifying such an increase.

-Let your voice be heard! Follow this link and reference Dockett # WS-01303A-20-0177, tell the ACC that you are against the consolidation of the Sun City West District with any other water districts.

PORA urges residents to respond via phone on Wednesday, February 17th from 6pm to 8:30pm and on Monday, March 22 from 10am to 1pm. The phone number to call is 866-705-2554, after dialing please enter code 241497# There will be a 3-minute time limit, so we ask you to be prepared before you call. The ACC will allow everyone to speak until the last caller is finished.

For those wishing to write to the ACC, written correspondence may be sent to

Arizona Corporation Commission Consumer Services Section
1200 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007

*Be sure to reference the Docket Number on all correspondence.