Monthly Meetings

The public is encouraged to attend, and input from the audience is always welcome. Coffee and rolls are provided free of charge!

Monthly Meetings

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PORA conducts meetings of its Board of Directors on a monthly basis except during the months of July and August. These meetings, always open to the public, are normally held at 1:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month. The annual meeting schedule is published and is available at the PORA offices. Meetings take place in the Conference Room, at the PORA offices located at 13815 Camino del Sol, in Sun City West. Occasionally, Special Meetings may be scheduled and when this occurs, advance notification of such meetings is published in the local media and will also be included on this Web site.

An agenda is always prepared and will be available for viewing at the PORA offices. The agenda will include reports by the President, each Officer and Director, as well as discussion of topics of interest under Old and New Business. The public is encouraged to attend and input from the audience is always welcome. Those members desiring to make presentations, as an Agenda item, are requested to contact the PORA Office Manager at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting. Coffee and rolls are provided free of charge.

The Executive Council – composed of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary – meets one week in advance of the regularly scheduled monthly Board Meetings to confirm the upcoming agenda. In addition, meetings of the Executive Council will be called, when necessary, to address issues that may arise between the scheduled meetings dates of the Board of Directors. The agenda for Executive Council meetings is not subject to input from the public.