Consumer Vendor Services

Consumer Vendor Services

PORA Works For You!

We are in touch with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors to provide currently licensed, bonded help when required. If the job requires only a handyman, we have many available.

When you call us at 623-584-4288, you will be asked if you are a PORA member and about the kind of work you need. We will then check our database and provide you with three or four names and phone numbers of qualified service people.

Prior to inclusion on the Consumer Vebdor Services referral list, PORA performs the following due diligence: contact five (5) work related references; verify active status, bonding and lack of unresolved complaints with Arizona Registrar of Contractors; request proof of liability and worker’s compensation insurance; and review status of company/vendor with the Better Business Bureau.

PORA neither guarantees nor warrants the services and products provided by the companies/vendors listed on the referral list. Additionally, the companies and individuals listed are subject to change without notice and are not guaranteed to remain on the referral list. However, should they not perform to your satisfaction, come in and fill out a complaint form, sign it, and we will attempt to intercede on your behalf. It takes only a call from us to correct most situations. We do not claim 100% problem resolution, but we can help.

On July 17, 2014, ABC15’s Consumer Advocate Joe Ducey, featured our amazing program and noted what a valued service we provide.

So, if you find you need help in your home, be it a leaky faucet, a leaky roof, a new gardener, or some other problem, please call us at 623-584-4288.

Call Consumer Vendor Services at 623-584-4288 to obtain a referral.

What to do if things aren’t working out…

We are proud to note that we usually receive compliments about our vendor referrals, but occasionally we do receive complaints. Most of these complaints are due to a lack of communications between the consumer and the vendor and/or a lack of research on the part of the consumer.

Be a smart consumer by asking for a written estimate prior to having any work completed.

  • If you feel the estimate is too high or the work involved is more than you anticipated being needed, contact other vendors for a comparison.
  • Never sign a contract unless you are ready to pay the stated price.
  • If you feel the work completed is substandard or that you have been overcharged from what was on the written estimate do not sign the final contract, and contact the vendor to try to resolve the issue.
  • If you are still unhappy with the end result, come into PORA and complete a complaint form in Consumer Services.
  • If the vendor is licensed, you may contact the State Registrar of Contractors or the Attorney General’s office to file a formal complaint.
  • Remember that many small jobs can be completed by a qualified handyman as long as the job is less than $1000 and does not need a permit.

You can also check out PORA’s Business and Professional List for workers that may not be listed with Consumer Vendor Services in areas such as accounting, law, and real estate, etc., BUT please note these vendors are advertising on this page and have NOT been evaluated by Consumer Services.

Smart consumers save money, time and aggravation by hiring the fairest, most qualified vendors to complete their home repairs.

If you are a Vendor and would like to know more about what services PORA has for you, please call our marketing department at 623-584-4288, Ext. 414.