Maps and Directories

Maps and Directories




“Maybe you can find a relative or friend who you didn't know was here...”


Take a look around Sun City West


Take a look at the Map of Sun City West.


  • Zoom in by clicking the "+" button on the lower right, and zoom out by clicking the "-" on the lower right.
  • Click and drag in the map to get a better view of a certain area.
  • Click an area on the map and you'll see an address pop up with a thumbnail picture of the address. Click the thumbnail to see the street view of that address.
  • Looking for someone?


    In each year, every household and business in Sun City West receives an updated SCW telephone directory sponsored by PORA.


    In addition to the residential and yellow pages listings, there are some 70 to 80 pages of general community information in the front part of the directory. If you have never done so, it might help you in the future if you just glanced through these pages now.


    The directory also has numerous pages of hometown listings by state and foreign countries where our 29,000+ residents lived before coming to SCW. Maybe you can find a relative or friend who you didn't know was here.


    The Visitors Center has area maps which are updated each year.