Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's are those questions that are asked quite often of PORA representatives. Some FAQ's will be removed if they are no longer relevant (see 'Current Issues' below ) but overall you can expect the list to continue to grow over time. Some FAQ's are not answered at this time. Just too many questions; not enough time. But, they all WILL be answered!

CC&R Enforcement

Q:    What can be done to encourage some of those who leave in the summer to take more responsibility for maintaining their property?

A:    PORA believes a good place to start would be the Neighborhood Block Watch Program. The Posse will help facilitate these neighborhood meetings and if our Winter Visitors were given an opportunity to understand the importance to the safety of the entire neighborhood they might become more pro-active.

Collection Services

Q:    Do you still offer citrus collection?

A:   No, but we do have the names of some people that do. If you are a PORA member you can call Consumer Services at 623-214-1646.

Q:    What is considered a "hazardous waste" and what do I do with it, e.g., paint, old propane tank, etc.?

A:    Please go to Recycling. It has all the information you need on where to take everything.

Community Security

Q:    What about the traffic situation in Sun City West, e.g., speeding?

A:    Thru traffic in Sun City West is being monitored by the county at certain intersections at the request of PORA. Stop signs and stop lights are being installed to mitigate the traffic speed and volume. The Traffic Committe and Maricopa County Department of Transportation have investigated the possibility of installing radar speed reading devices and possibly other devices that would help in the control of this problem.

Consumer Services

Q:    Are all Consumer Services contractors licensed by the state?

A:    No. If a person is classified as a "handyman" or performs minor repairs they may not be licensed. But, if you are having any repair work done to your property and the cost of the construction is $1000 or more(including labor and materials) and a permit is needed, then the contractor does have to be licensed.

Q:    Does Consumer Services release Sun City West residents' names and/or addresses?

A:    No! We understand that some residents have been contacted by various contractors, etc. and told that they were given their name by PORA, specifically Consumer Services. This is NOT true. We NEVER release any residents name/address to any vendors.

Current Issues

Q:    What does PORA support?

A:    PORA does not support any particular political or ballot initiative. We have provided the facilities for our residents to have easy access to voice their opinions on current issues.

Governmental Interaction

Q:    Which governmental agencies does PORA interact with?

A:    PORA interacts with County Supervisors, Maricopa County Department of Transporation (MCDOT), the Arizona Department of Transporation (ADOT), the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG); Elderly Mobility group, all utility companies, the State Attorney General's office, the Maricopa County Tax Assessor, the Arizona Citizen's Transporation Oversight Committee (CTOC) and all State Legislators. We also cooperate with Sun City in areas that are beneficial to both cities.

PORA Adult Learning

Q:    What is PORA Adult Learning?

A:    PORA Adult Learning offers classes during the Spring, Summer, and Fall in the PORA building.

PORA - General

Q:    Are the PRIDES a group within PORA?

A:    No, the PRIDES are an independent group.

Q:    Does PORA and the Recreation Center work together?

A:    PORA and the Recreation Center Boards are working more closely than at any previous time. Although each Board has different mandates, both serve the same residents so it is important to maintain a good dialogue. We believe this is occurring and working to benefit all residents.

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